Corgi Classics ~ Jaguar 2.4 "Inspector Morse"

  • As seen on ITV. At 8pm on Tuesday 6 January 1987 ITV viewers saw a gleaming burgundy Jaguar 2.4 registration number 248 RPA, being driven onto the forecourt of a garage. The man behind the wheel was Chief Inspector Morse and this was his first outing on television. As a series Inspector Morse has proved to be a smash hit.
  • superb die-cast model; outstanding color & details; Highly collectable; boxed.
  • *************** SOLD ****************

Lledo US Army Collection Set 2

  • Motor Transport of the US Armed Forces 1941-1942. This Lledo set of models represents typical vehicles used in the US Army for the first year after American entry into the Second Worls War, following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour on 7 December 1941.
  • Set consists of 1) 2 1/2 ton 4×2 wrecker truck 2) 4×2 Cargo Truck- Quartermaster Corps 3) Mobile Surgical Unit.
  • Made in England; superb details; high quality die-cast models; excellent value- 3 vehicles in a set; original box; box shows some wear/dings/dents on corners but all are intact;
  • ************  SOLD   *********

Fabbri James Bond ~ Alfa Romeo GTV6 "Octopussy"

An unsympathetic lady gets her comeuppance when Bond steals her Alfa Romeo GTV6 after she ignores his frantic pleas to use the telephone box she has commandeered. Knowing that he has just minutes to make it to Octopussy’s circus at a US airbase to warn them of a plot to detonate a nuclear bomb, Bond floors the Alfa’s accelerator and roars off.

Awesome die-cast details; Stunning 3-dimensional diorama layout; depicting the actual scene from the movie ‘Octopussy’; figure driver included; special display box with labels; Rare.
   *********  RM 140.00   **********