IXO ~ BMC Mini Cooper "S" Monte Carlo Rally

Car was driven by team/driver R.Aaltonen & H. Liddon in the famous Rally de Monte Carlo 1967; Scale 1/43; Superb die-cast model; Fantastic details; Displays on Specially labelled plinth.
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Corgi Mini 7 racing club ~ Austin Mini7 no. 8 Sarah Munns (metallic pink gold)

The Mini took part in the Brighton Speed Trails and recorded a time for the quater mile of 14.9secs, reaching a speed of 99mph over the line.
It finished 8th in the 2003 Mini Miglia Championship, and had a first race win at Snetterton in the 2002 Winter Championship, both represented a first for a woman to achieve in the history of the Mini Seven Racing Club.
The car has been varying shades of pink in its 3 year history and this latest scheme is not only the most spectacular and the most talked about but also the most startling.
Awesome die-cast model; Limited edition; Scale 1/36; Spectacular shades of color; Stunning details; original box.
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