Corgi Classics ~ DAKTARI Land Rover & Figures

DAKTARI (Swahili for doctor) was an exciting world wide television adventures about a warm hearted and courageous scientist dedicated to preserving wildlife in the African jungle. He lived with his teenage daughter and two assistants and had two strange pets – Clarence, a cross-eyed bespectacled lion, and a mischievous and highly intelligent chimp named Judy.
His constant battle was against cruel and lawless men who killed for the sake of killing or who traded in hide, ivory and captive beasts.
This model is based on the original Corgi Daktari set released in 1967 and which sold in excess of 1 million units in its seven year run.
Superbly detailed die-cast model and hand painted white metal figures; Perfect for the adult collector; Rare; original box.
*************  RM 140.00  ************

Corgi BBC Doctor Who ~ Bessie & Dr. Who

The 1970s saw the national institution of Doctor Who grow up, with adults outnumbering children in the continuously climbing audience figure. In January 1970 Doctor Who returned in full colour and advances in technology had produced more believable monsters.
 By the 1980s Dr Who was the longest science fiction TV series in the world, having millions of fans all around the globe.
Excellent die-cast model; highly collectible; original box shows some age wear.
***********  SOLD  **********

Lledo ~ Carry On Constable Morris Van

British humour is legendary and there is nothing quite so British as the series of Carry On films. For over 40 years, they have achieved cult status, attracting audiences ranging from the very young to the very old.
Superb die-cast model; Scale 1/43; Made in England; nice graphics; original box.
***********  RM 70.00  ************