Corgi Fawlty Towers ~ Austin 1300 Estate & Basil Fawlty

From the popular 70’s BBC TV Series. Fawlty Towers, is owned and managed by Basil Fawlty, and is located in the English holiday area of Torquay. Inspired by a stay in the same area during filming, John Cleese created one of the most famous and talked about British comedy shows of all time.
Scene was taken from Episode Gourmet Night. In a desperate attempt to upgrade the class of Fawlty Towers, Basil decides to host a gourmet night for well known public figures. With a drunken chef and a missing lobster, there is no choice but to drive to a local restaurant to collect an available duck. It is then that Basil’s car breaks down and he decides to give it a damn good thrashing…
Stunning die-cast model with figure; Rare; in original box.
************  RM 135.00  **********

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