Corgi Gerry Anderson’s New Captain Scarlet ~ Die-cast Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle & Rhino Set

Fast, armed, armoured and amphibious, the Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle (SPV) is Spectrum’s major earth-bound combat force. A ten-wheeled, two seater, bullet-proof vehicle powered by hydrogeneric electrical fuel cells and capable of speeds over 200mph (322kmph). When used amphibiously the SPV’s wheels retract upwards into the body of the vehicle. Fitted with twin tank tracks which enable it to climb all but vertical obstacles when raised in an upright position. The SPV’s armament consists of laser cannons, ground-to-air-missiles and electro ray cannons- the only truly effective Mysteron weapon.

The Rhino is Spectrum’s heavy duty armoured attack vehicle. It is capable of high speeds with the help of two ram air booster jets, variable height ride for off road travel and extensive manoeuvrability through its multi-wheel steering system. Armed with extendable front and rear battering rams, two front mounted twin cannons, piercing missiles, harpoon guns and magnetic clamp guns- the ultimate machine in the fight against evil.

Stunning set of 2 die-cast vehicles; Remarkable details; with rear track; opening hatch; seated figure; Brand new; Unopened in Orginal box.
***********   SOLD  ************

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