Hot Wheels Action Sites ~ ARMAGEDDON

Movie produced by Touchstone Pictures.
It’s a race against time to save mankind from a gigantic asteroid headed on a devastating collision course with Earth!
The only way to prevent total destruction of our planet is to blast off into space, drill a hole 800 feet deep into the asteroid and blow it apart with a powerful nuclear device.
Superb play-set portraying the actual scene from the movie ARMAGEDDON; Set includes working crane, Armadillo, 2 micro figures, nuclear bomb & exploding asteroid; Very rare item; Unopened still sealed in original pack;
***************  RM 130.00  ************

Hot Wheels Action Pack ~ Home Improvement

It’s Tool Time! Gear up to tackle household appliance problems with Tim Taylor, host of local cable home improvement show, and his sidekick, Al. Great fun & popular comedy TV show that was always entertaining and brought back much memorable “laughing” memories; Highly collectable.

*************** RM 85.00 **********

Hot Wheels Action Pack ~ Sojourner Mars Rover

Rover Mission to MARS!; The Mars Pathfinder spacecraft is scheduled to land, cushioned by giant airbags, on Mars on the 4th of July 1997, after a 7-month voyage through space; The Sojourner Mars Rover will drive out to explore the Martian terrain and transmit data and pictures back to Earth.
1996 Hot Wheels edition; released before the landing on Mars; Unopened, sealed in blister pack ; Card in good condition considering its age.
********* RM 65.00 **********

Hot Wheels 1996 Action Pack RACING (@ RM55)

Refuel at the pit-stop! Buckle up for side-by-side competition and hair-raising finish!
This is a 1996 Hot Wheels Action Pack “RACING”. It comes with 2 cars with Hot Wheels and Mattel logo. There are also 2 pit-stop crews in action with the race car driver. The bubble on the pack however, has a little dent on the top left. The card is in excellent condition with no creases or tear. Add action packs to your other HW sets for only RM55 (excluding postage)!

****** SOLD *****

Hot Wheels Action Pack Rugrats

This Hot Wheels 1998 Action Pack series is based on the “Rugrats” the Movie. It comes in a large blister pack with the cute babies in action. There are Tommy, Baby Dill, Chuckie and also their vehicle – a green Reptar Wagon. This is an excellent collection for Rugrats lovers. After all you can consider this an old collectable since it was released back in 1998 – 10 years ago.
Mint in pack and I want to let this one go for only RM45 (excluding postage).