Fabbri James Bond ~ Bondola "Moonraker"

    Bond is enjoying a leisurely trip along the canals of Venice in a gondola when a knife-throwing assassin appears out of a coffin on a funeral barge and kills his gondolier. Reacting quickly, Bond opens a hidden control panel that turns the gondola into a speedboat and he roars off down the narrow waterways, only to be pursued by a machine gun- wielding thug in another speedboat.
    Bringing chaos to the normally tranquil and sedate canals of Venice, Bond manages to evade his pursuers before he reaches St. Mark’s Square. Here, Bond presses a concealed button on the other side of the gondola, turning it into a hovercraft and he glides up some steps, out of reach of the following boat.

superb model; one of the most unique vehicles featured in the James Bond movies.
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