Mattel DC Universe ~ Justice League Unlimited

  • Revealed to be a clone of SUPERGIRL, GALATEA leads an army of cloned ultramen against THE WATCHTOWER. With SUPERMAN and the other founding members gone, HUNTRESS helps the J.L.U fight of the invaders.
  • Excellent set of 3 figures; brand new in pack; superb value; below retail price.
  • ********************* RM 30.00 *******************

Mattel DC Universe Crisis ~ Three Pack series 8

  • Superbly sculpted set of 3 figures – Weather Wizard, Flash I & Mirror Master.
  • Weather Wizard – Status: Villain; Special abilities- weather wand projects “Eolic” energy to change the weather.
  • Flash I- Status: Hero ; Special abilities: can run at near speed light.
  • Mirror Master- Status: Hero; Special abilities: reflective weapons make opponents fight themselves or transport them to a mirror dimension.
  • Excellent value; brand new in box; selling below retail.
  • ******************* RM 38.00 *******************