Hot Wheels NASCAR Racing Collectors Edition Pit Crew ~ Ford Taurus " Penske Kranefuss Mobil 1"

The typical NASCAR pit crew consists of 9 members: Driver, Crew Chief, Gas Man, Fuel Catchman, Signboard, Jackman, Tire Carrier, Rear Tire Changer and Front Tire Changer. However only 7 are allowed over the wall during a stop.
During an average 20-second pit stop the team will accomplish the following tasks:
14 seconds are spent pouring two 11-gallon cans of octane leaded fuel into the gas tank, in 1-1/2 pumps of the jack handle the car is lifted and 10 lug nuts are removed within 7 seconds (per side), new tires are put on, the chassis is adjusted, a plastic windshield overlay is removed, the driver gets a drink of water and is back on the track. 

High quality die-cast model. Detailed car interior, deluxe rubber tires; Sealed in original packaging.
 **************  RM 90.00  ***************