X-Men Origins Wolverine ~ Weapon X with Stasis Chamber

  • Captured and brain-washed, Logan now known as Weapon X- serves as a living weapon. In between experiments and missions he is stored in a stasis chamber that enhances his healing factor while erasing his memories.
  • Even so, there is only so much one man can take. As Logan nears his limit, he feels his strength surge, and he shatters the chamber around him!
  • Brand new in box; unopened; selling below retail price; superb value.
  • *************** RM 35.00 ****************

Hasbro 2008 Star Wars The Legacy Collection~ Evolutions The Padme Amidala Legacy

  • Padme devoted her life to the people of Naboo and became a key figure in the dramatic events that changed the galaxy. Her courage and compassion deeply affected those around her, and was the pivotal legacy she gave to her children, Luke and Leia.
  • Brand new, sealed still in box, never been opened; set of 3 realistic figures of Padme Amidala – Queen Amidala (Phantom Menace), Senator of Naboo (Attack of The Clones) & Mother of Heroes (Revenge of The Sith); superb value; selling below retail.
  • **************** RM 45,00 *****************

Hasbro 2008 Wolverine and the X-Men-BEAST with tools & weapons

  • As a scientist and doctor, BEAST took the disappearance of Charles Xavier and Jean Grey as a personal challenge. He worked in a hidden lab under the ruins of the Xavier Institute.
  • When the X-MEN call, he is more than happy to use his strength and acrobatic skill to get back in action.
  • Unopened, still in pack; but the card does show some wear and creases on the edges;
  • ************* RM 15.00 *************

Hasbro 2008 GI Joe The Rise of Cobra ~ ABEL "BREAKER" SHAZ _technical surveilance

  • ABEL “BREAKER” SHAZ is a communications specialist for the G.I. JOE team who applies his innovative thinking to technological problems. In other words, he’s a supremely gifted hacker who can manipulate the digital and electronic worlds to achieve the desired results.
  • superb 4” figure with gadgets and weapons; moveable arms and legs; unopened mint in pack, outer package shows some wear from storage.
  • ******* SOLD  ******