Hot Wheels Copter Chase Playset with Nissan Skyline R32 and helicopter

Excellent boxed playset; Unassembled; Includes Nissan Skyline, playset and helicopter; Mint and Sealed in original box.
 ***********  SOLD  ********

Corgi The Aviation Archive ~ Boeing-Vertol CHINOOK HC.1

Deployed for Special Air Service Operations by RAF 7/18 Sqn during Gulf War Detachment using the Al-Jubail Airbase, Saudi Arabia as launching point in January 1991.
Stunning die-cast model; Scale 1/72; Highly accurate details; 2-sets of rotor-blades are included at the base of the box and have to be attached for display; Rare & Highly collectable.
***************  RM 230.00  *************

Corgi The Definitive Bond Collection ~ Stromberg Helicopter

  • This time the villain is the power-crazy Stromberg. Aided by his sidekick ‘Jaws’, he intends to dominate the world from his underwater base ‘Atlantis’
  • Masterminding his plan to destroy the world’s major nations from his floating HQ, ‘Atlantis’, an integral part of villain Carl Stromberg’s hardware is his Bell Jet Ranger Helicopter.
  • However, this is no ordinary helicopter. Kitted out with 2 deadly machine guns mounted on its undercarriage, and piloted by the beautiful Naomi, the helicopter finally meets its demise when Bond’s gadget-laden Lotus Esprit sends it to a watery grave during a high-speed chase along the Sardinian coastline.
  • outstanding model featured in Bond movie ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’; with working parts, missile launcher comes with a set of missiles; in original box; Very Rare.
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