PLEASE NOTE: This figures is not in its original boxed pack. It comes in a clear sealed gripper bag
LEGO  Mini Figure INDIANA JONES originally comes from the Indiana Jones box set.
Figure  includes whip, sling-bag and Indiana hat.

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Hasbro 2008 Indiana Jones~ Cairo Ambush Set_Raiders of The Lost Ark

  • Exclusive collection, was only available in Target stores; highly detailed set of 5 Indiana Jones characters figures with a diorma back-drop; Superb value; mint in box.
  • ******************* RM 50.00 ****************

Indiana Jones ~ Troop Car "Raiders of The Lost Ark"

  • As part of a German Army leaving the ancient city of Tanis, a troop car of armed soldiers protects the cargo truck that harbors the stolen ark.
  • When Indy hijacks the truck and the ark within, the troop car trails him closely, menacing him with heavy fire.
  • Indy retailiates by ramming the troop car off the road, careening the soldiers off a cliff and into a deep ravine.
  • ***************** RM 80.00 ***************