Fabbri James Bond ~ Austin FX4 from Octopussy

Excellent die-cast model; Superb details; Featured in ‘Octopussy’ ; displays on special perspex box with labels;
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Fabbri James Bond ~ Austin A55 Cambridge Mark II from Dr. NO

Stunning die-cast model; featured in Dr. No;  Stunning details; Realistic grills; headlights, taillights; number plate, rubber tires, hubcaps, wipers etc; Displays on perspex case with labels.
*************  SOLD  ************

Fabbri James Bond ~ VAZ-2106 "Goldeneye"

Rampaging through the streets of St. Petersberg in a T55 tank, Bond chases after General Ourumov and the kidnapped Natalya Simonova. Assorted military vehicles tried to halt Bond, but he merely ploughs straight through them, impervious to the gunfire. The Russian police, or ‘militsiya’, in their VAZ-2106 (also known as Lada) join in the chase and bravely try to halt Bond’s progress.
The VAZ-2106 was heavily based on the FIAT 124, a car that was designed in the mid-1960s.
Stunning die-cast model; Excellent details; displays in perspex box with labels.
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Corgi ~ James Bond Film Cannister 8pc Gift Set

The James Bond movies have thrilled audiences worldwide for more than 4 decades. The gadget-laden Supercars have played an integral part in the screen success of the worlds most famous secret agent. Here as a tribute to all the fans Corgi have put together a collection of 8 of the best and most popular vehicles from this movie phenomenon.
Awesomely cool Special edition set of eight 1/64 scale die-cast vehicles in a collectable circular film-reel-type tinbox; Rare; Very collectable.
Rolls Royce, Aston Martin DB5, Little Nellie Gyrocopter, BMWZ3, Aston Martin Vanquish, Jaguar XKR, Space Shuttle & Lotus Underwater.
*************  RM 275.00  **********

Fabbri James Bond ~ Ford Consul ‘Dr No’

Superintendent Duff, a high-ranking member of the Jamaican police force, travels with Bond in his official car- the very British Ford Consul – to the home of a missing MI6 agent.
The model is one of the outstanding cars produced since the war in the popular class, and has handling qualities that would be acceptable on a car at any price.
Superb die-cast model as featured in ‘Dr No’; Remarkable details; displays on 3-d diorama type box with labels and perspex lid.
**************  SOLD  *************

Fabbri James Bond~ Ford Econoline "Diamonds Are Forever"

Bond stakes out the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport convincing Tiffany Case to reveal that she has stored the cuddly toy containing the smuggled diamonds in a locker there. An airport porter takers a case containing the toy outside to a Ford Econoline waiting in the car park and, Bond and Tiffany follow it in her Mustang.
“The Econoline offers the most clear floor space, can take the heaviest payloads and still gives the smoothest ride” (taken from Ford advertisement, 1971)
Superb die-cast details; displays on a special diorama type perspex box.
***********  SOLD  **********

Fabbri James Bond ~ ZIL-117 "Casino Royale"

After Bond has dispatched Obanno and his bodyguard in a brutal hand-to-hand fight, Rene Mathis is tasked with disposing of the bodies. Rather than just dumping them in a shallow grave, Mathis cunningly arranges for them to be placed in the boot of a Russian ZiL-117 that’s sitting in the hotel car park.
The ZiL-117 was in production from 1972-1985 and featured a 7-litre V8 engine that powered its considerable mass to a top speed of 125mph, making it the fastest Soviet-made passenger car of the 1970s. It was often used as an escort car for Politburo members who did not qualify for the larger ZiL-114.
Stunning die-cast model; Highly detailed replica; Scale 1/43; perspex display box with label.
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