Kenner Batman Forever 5 Die-Cast Vehicles Set

Excellent set of 5 Batman Forever die-cast vehicles; Batmobile, Batwing, Batboat, Joker Armored vehicle and an exclusive edition of Riddler mobile; 1995 edition; Vehicles still sealed in original box; Outer box shows some wear, old price tag on the front and there is a tear that has been glued back at the back of the card (view photo); Rare set.
*************  RM 185.00 ************

The Kenner Collection 1997 ~ Star Wars Expanded Universe Speeder Bike

  • Whipping through the forests of Endor on a Rebel strike mission against the Death Star shield generator, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia battled Imperial scout troopers atop highly maneuverable speede bikes.
  • Considered ideal reconnaissance vehicles by the Empire and Rebel Alliance alike, their maneuverability and accelaration is superior to both landspeeders and airspeeders.
  • from Star Wars: Return of The Jedi Sketchbook; Rebel Alliance Speeder Bike with exclusive Rebel Speeder Bike Pilot.
  • the Bike fires a side-mounted concussion missile; outriggers flip forward during battle mode.
  • ******************* SOLD ******************