ERTL Racing Champions ~ Kenworth Transporter with 1995 Honda Civic

Exclusive collection from Racing Champions; 2002 edition model; based on the ultra-cool-racing-movie “The Fast and the Furious”; highly detailed die-cast model of Kenworth transporter and super-sleek 1995 Honda Civic; sealed & still in original packaging; very collectable.
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    Lledo~ The Coca-Cola Santa Collection "Always Cool"

    Made in England; in original box; diecast collectible model featuring one of the famous Santa illustrations for Coca-Cola by Haddon Sundblom.
    Haddon Sundblom’s long-running series of Christmas paintings for Coca-Cola have been credited with actually forming the modern concept of Santa Claus. Sundblom looked back to the original St.Nicholas and painted Santa Claus as a jovial, red-blooded man with a heavy laugh and twinkling eyes. He saw Santa who wouldn’t hesitate to raid your icebox or reward you if you left him a bottle of Coca-Cola.

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