Corgi ~ James Bond Film Cannister 8pc Gift Set

The James Bond movies have thrilled audiences worldwide for more than 4 decades. The gadget-laden Supercars have played an integral part in the screen success of the worlds most famous secret agent. Here as a tribute to all the fans Corgi have put together a collection of 8 of the best and most popular vehicles from this movie phenomenon.
Awesomely cool Special edition set of eight 1/64 scale die-cast vehicles in a collectable circular film-reel-type tinbox; Rare; Very collectable.
Rolls Royce, Aston Martin DB5, Little Nellie Gyrocopter, BMWZ3, Aston Martin Vanquish, Jaguar XKR, Space Shuttle & Lotus Underwater.
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Fabbri James Bond ~ Lotus Esprit Turbo (white/gold rims)FYEO

When Bond is fleeing from Gonzales’ luxury villa, his henchmen reach the parked Lotus before 007 does. One of the baddies tries to break into the ‘Burglar Protected’ Esprit, but when he smashes the side window with the butt of his gun, the self-destruct system engages, blasting the car to smithereens.

Immaculate, smooth, sexy looking car; intricate die-cast details; super-cool rims; realistic 3-d diorama layout as from the actual scene from the classic Bond movie ‘For Your Eyes Only’; plastic display box with labels;
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