Marvel Comics #349 ~ Fantastic Four

                                              Front cover

                                Back cover

                                   First page

Vol 1, No 349; Published February 1991; Good condition from own personal collection.
***********  RM 10.00  **********

Marvel Comics #1~ NOMAD :Stepping from the pages of Captain America


first page                                        

                                                                   back cover


First edition; published May, 1992; Good condition, comes from own personal collection;
***********  RM 10.00  **********

Hasbro 2008 Wolverine and the X-Men-BEAST with tools & weapons

  • As a scientist and doctor, BEAST took the disappearance of Charles Xavier and Jean Grey as a personal challenge. He worked in a hidden lab under the ruins of the Xavier Institute.
  • When the X-MEN call, he is more than happy to use his strength and acrobatic skill to get back in action.
  • Unopened, still in pack; but the card does show some wear and creases on the edges;
  • ************* RM 15.00 *************

Hasbro Marvel 2009 X-Men Origins Wolverine ~ Sabretooth_comic series

  • SABRETOOTH has been Logan’s shadow for as long as either man can remember. He is the dark reflection of WOLVERINE, the man he might have become if things had been different. Savage, and without remorse for a lifetime of evil, he lives to destroy WOLVERINE.
  • excellent 4″ figure; moveable arms and legs; mint, unopened in pack; outer pack does show some wear from storage.
  • **************** SOLD ****************