Hot Wheels Ban Dai Charawheels CW15 ~ Masked Rider 1 Cyclone

Kamen Rider 1 (仮面ライダー1号 Kamen Raidā Ichigō?) is a fictional character and main superhero or henshin character featured inJapanese tokusatsu. He first appeared in the television series Kamen Rider, the first in the famous Kamen Rider franchise of tokusatsu programmes. The primary protagonist of the series, Kamen Rider 1 is a motorcycle-riding superhero modeled upon a grasshopper. One of the most recognizable and iconic characters in Japanese entertainment, Kamen Rider 1 is as easily distinguished as the series itself.
In the original series, he was portrayed by Hiroshi Fujioka, who also performed most of his own stunts. Later, he was portrayed by Masaya Kikawada in the film Kamen Rider The First and its sequel, Kamen Rider The Next, as well as making a cameo of the character on the Cyclone in an episode of Kamen Rider Kabuto. (from Wikipedia)

Stunning die-cast model; Awesome details; Comes with Kamen Rider 1;  Rare Hot Wheels Ban Dai  2001 edition; Sealed in original packaging.
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Ban Dai Rider Hero Series ~ Masked Rider SASWORD

Kamen Rider Sasword (仮面ライダーサソード, Kamen Raidā Sasōdo?) is one of the characters in Kamen Rider Kabuto. His name is a pun on sasori, the Japanese word for “scorpion” (his motif), and “sword”. He is the only Rider in the show that is not based on an insect, but an arachnid.

Tsurugi Kamishiro (神代 剣, Kamishiro Tsurugi?, portrayed by Yusuke Yamamoto) is a 20-year old man and descendant of the Discabil family of England. He calls himself “the man who replaces the gods (Kamishiro) with a sword’s slash (Tsurugi)” when he introduces himself. He lives in a gorgeous European-style building with his butler Jiiya. He is good at sports, art, study, and many other skills, and has been seen to be able to understand and speak French, Chinese, and Italian in addition to English (he says “Shall we?” to Tendou when a fencing duel begins, and referring to Kagami as “[His] best friend” in English) and Japanese. (taken from Wikipedia)

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Ban Dai Rider Hero Series ~ Masked Rider Habataki

Kamen Rider Habataki (仮面ライダー羽撃鬼, Kamen Raidā Habataki?): Habataki is one of the older Oni. He fought in a war years ago and has since given up the Oni life to settle down as a farmer together with his family. Despite this, he has continued his daily training. His wife later convinces him to join with the others to fight against Orochi.
Habataki uses a flute as his weapon and his name means “Feathered Demon.” (taken from Wikipedia)
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Ban Dai Rider Hero Series ~ Masked Rider Drake (masked form)

Kamen Rider Drake (・シ・ハ・・・C・_・[・h・・・C・N Kamen Raidā Doreiku?) is one of the characters of Kamen Rider Kabuto. The motif is of a dragonfly; his name is a pun on that, as “Drake” has dragon connotations. He is a new and inexperienced Rider, lacking the knowledge about Worms. He is not a member of ZECT and is often a target of their attacks because of this. He also acts rather impulsively. Daisuke is not content being a Rider. He only transforms in order to protect himself, Gon, or women. Drake, along with Kageyama as Kamen Rider TheBee, was the first Rider to utilize the full body Put On system. (taken fromWikipedia)

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Ban Dai 1995 ~ Saban’s Masked Rider Collectible Figure A

Dex, a teenager boy from a world light years away, is forced to flee his planet in the wake of devastation caused by Count Dregon, the supreme warlord of the universe. His next target is planet Earth.
Using newly acquired powers, Dex can transmutate into the powerful Masked Rider or the nearly invincible Masked Rider Super Gold. Masked Rider is Earth’s last defense against the most sinister and destructive force in the universe.
cool pose on a special base; old edition from BanDai America 1995; carded; rare.
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