Nickelodeon Avatar Airbender- Fire Attack Rhino

  • based on Nickelodeon TV series, AVATAR- The Legend of Aang; fits other 6-inch AVATAR figures sold separately; with working parts; pull back to launch fireballs at enemies both near and far; ramming horns; thick leathery skin protects against attack; razor sharp claws; head ramming action;
  • Item still unopened in box; box does show some wear on edges and small tear from old price sticker on the front of the box (pls view photo); very collectable; very rare; now made into a movie “The Last Airbender”.
  • ***************** RM 60.00 ****************

Hot Wheels Action Pack Rugrats

This Hot Wheels 1998 Action Pack series is based on the “Rugrats” the Movie. It comes in a large blister pack with the cute babies in action. There are Tommy, Baby Dill, Chuckie and also their vehicle – a green Reptar Wagon. This is an excellent collection for Rugrats lovers. After all you can consider this an old collectable since it was released back in 1998 – 10 years ago.
Mint in pack and I want to let this one go for only RM45 (excluding postage).