Lledo~ 1937 Scammel 6-Wheeler "7-UP"

  • Made in England; high-quality die-cast model; superb details; very collectable; in original box; box does show some minor scuffings on the edges.
  • In 1929, C.L. Grigg developed a lithiated lemon-lime soda with a “flavour wallop”. Mr Grigg’s goal was to create a truly wholesome and distinctive soft drink that would be irresistable to the nation’s consumers.
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Lledo ~ 1937 Scammell 6-Wheeler Coca-Cola

Over the years, Coca-Cola has been delivered to retailers by bottlers in a wide variety of cars, vans and trucks.
Prior to 1920 these were mainly in the form of wagons drawn by teams of horses or mules. However, following the First World War most bottlers were quick to convert from animal power to motor power.
This collection of models features authentic liveries of Coca-Cola Delivery Vehicles from the 1920s and 1930s.
Made in England, high quality diecast replica; original box in good condition.
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