Gearbox Toys Military Classics~ U.S.S New Jersey

  • USS New Jersey BB-62
  • The most decorated ship of all time. Moving over 45,000 tons at speeds up to 33 knots, this formidable Iowa Class battleship served in four wars: WWII, Korea, Vietnam and Persian Gulf.
  • Armed with nine 16″ main battery guns, as well as 129 smaller guns, she was designed to be fast enough to provide cover and screen for the long arm of aircraft carriers, as well as bringing its massive arsenal against the enemy wherever needed- on land or sea.
  • Die-cast metal & Plastic; 1:700 scale; excellent detailed replica of a military classis ship with a unique stand; Brand new; unopened, mint in box.
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Gearbox Toys Military Classics~ USS Hornet CV-8

  • Launched: 14 Dec 1940.
  • Commisioned: 20 October 1941
  • Displacement: 19,800 tons
  • Length: 809 Feet 9 inches
  • Beam at flight deck: 144 Feet.
  • Speed: 33 knots.
  • Complement: 1,899 crew
  • Armament : 8 five-inch guns, 16 1.1 inch guns.
  • It was less than 6 mths after Americas’s Pacific battleship fleet was shattered in the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Armed with only 16 tons of bombs, Lt. Colonel Jimmy Doolitle lifted into the wind from the restless deck of USS Hornet and led his force of 16 twin-engine B-25s towards Tokyo.
  • Scale 1:700; Superb die-cast & plastic replica; authentic details; comes with special display stand; unopened box; Rare.
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