Hot Wheels NASCAR Racing Collectors Edition Pit Crew ~ Ford Taurus " Penske Kranefuss Mobil 1"

The typical NASCAR pit crew consists of 9 members: Driver, Crew Chief, Gas Man, Fuel Catchman, Signboard, Jackman, Tire Carrier, Rear Tire Changer and Front Tire Changer. However only 7 are allowed over the wall during a stop.
During an average 20-second pit stop the team will accomplish the following tasks:
14 seconds are spent pouring two 11-gallon cans of octane leaded fuel into the gas tank, in 1-1/2 pumps of the jack handle the car is lifted and 10 lug nuts are removed within 7 seconds (per side), new tires are put on, the chassis is adjusted, a plastic windshield overlay is removed, the driver gets a drink of water and is back on the track. 

High quality die-cast model. Detailed car interior, deluxe rubber tires; Sealed in original packaging.
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Hot Wheels Batman Begins Series ~ NASCAR Mark Martin

Batman has legions of die-hard fans that know he has the hottest wheels in town. The Batmobile always boasts the latest cutting-edge technology and performance enhancements that feed the need for speed.
So it is natural that the BATMAN BEGINS 400 be the site at which top NASCAR drivers will go head-to-head in cars decorated with character images from thr Batman Begins movie.
Superb die-cast model; Amazing graphics; Rare from 2005 edition; Carded.
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