LEGO DC Super Heroes Minifigure Keychain ~ SUPERMAN

PLEASE NOTE: This Minifigure keychain is brand new and is still attached to its original tag. It comes in a clear sealed gripper bag.

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DC Comics #452 ~ The Adventures of SUPERMAN : Brain Dead

                                                                        front cover

                                                                    back cover

                                                                           mid pages

                                                                     first page

#452; Published March 1989; Good condition, from own personal collection.
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Hot Wheels DC Comics Originals ~ Hiway Hauler "BIZARRO"

Bizarro is a fictional character that appears in publications published by DC Comics. The character was created by writer Otto Binder and artist George Papp as a “mirror image” ofSuperman and first appeared in Superboy #68 (1958). Since then various iterations of Bizarro have appeared – often, but not always, as an antagonist to Superman.
Superb die-cast model; interesting graphics of Superman’s ‘mirror-image’; carded.
************  RM40.00   **********

Mattel DC Universe ~ Justice League Unlimited

  • Revealed to be a clone of SUPERGIRL, GALATEA leads an army of cloned ultramen against THE WATCHTOWER. With SUPERMAN and the other founding members gone, HUNTRESS helps the J.L.U fight of the invaders.
  • Excellent set of 3 figures; brand new in pack; superb value; below retail price.
  • ********************* RM 30.00 *******************