X-Men Origins Wolverine ~ Weapon X with Stasis Chamber

  • Captured and brain-washed, Logan now known as Weapon X- serves as a living weapon. In between experiments and missions he is stored in a stasis chamber that enhances his healing factor while erasing his memories.
  • Even so, there is only so much one man can take. As Logan nears his limit, he feels his strength surge, and he shatters the chamber around him!
  • Brand new in box; unopened; selling below retail price; superb value.
  • *************** RM 35.00 ****************

Hasbro 2008 Wolverine and the X-Men-BEAST with tools & weapons

  • As a scientist and doctor, BEAST took the disappearance of Charles Xavier and Jean Grey as a personal challenge. He worked in a hidden lab under the ruins of the Xavier Institute.
  • When the X-MEN call, he is more than happy to use his strength and acrobatic skill to get back in action.
  • Unopened, still in pack; but the card does show some wear and creases on the edges;
  • ************* RM 15.00 *************

Hasbro Marvel 2009 X-Men Origins Wolverine ~ Sabretooth_comic series

  • SABRETOOTH has been Logan’s shadow for as long as either man can remember. He is the dark reflection of WOLVERINE, the man he might have become if things had been different. Savage, and without remorse for a lifetime of evil, he lives to destroy WOLVERINE.
  • excellent 4″ figure; moveable arms and legs; mint, unopened in pack; outer pack does show some wear from storage.
  • **************** SOLD ****************

Hasbro 2008 Wolverine and the X-Men-AVALANCHE_Shockwave blast attack

  • AVALANCHE believes the path to mutant freedom is through the destruction of non-mutants. Unfortunately, he’s got the power to see his dreams of domination through. He can emit waves of seismic force powerful enough to crack the earth and topple buildings.
  • character as seen on Nicktoons Network; 4″ figure; excellent details, moveable arms and legs; mint unopened in blister pack but card has bends and wear signs especially on the edges.
  • ****************** RM 20.00 *******************

Hasbro Marvel 2009 X-Men Origins Wolverine ~ Strike Mission Wolverine

  • Before he was WOLVERINE, before he was WEAPON X, he was just Logan, Soldier, adventurer, thief, brawler, hero and figitive, he wandered the world looking for places to use his talents. Though he is now a man without a past, his history stretches back more than a century.
  • 4-inch figure, movable arms & legs; claws and weapons; unopened still in pack but card shows some storage wear.
  • ****************** SOLD ********************

Hasbro 2008 Wolverine and the X-Men-Logan_Snap-on claws

  • Driven away from the X-Mansion by the tragic disappearance of Charles Xavier, Logan wanders the back roads looking for answers. At every turn he finds himself hunted by the Mutant Response Division, and that’s the last straw. It’s time for the X-Men to get back together.
  • 4-inch figure with snap on claws; very collectable especially for X-Men fans; card shows some wear and scuffing from old price-tag residue and storage.
  • ******************* SOLD *************

Hasbro Marvel 2009 X-Men Origins Wolverine ~ Wolverine vs Sabretooth

  • Wolverine rushes toward Victor Creed- the savage mutant known as SABRETOOTH- on his motorcycle. Charging towards his enemy at full speed, he leaps from the back of his racing bike, claws snapping out. He smashes into SABRETOOTH with a jarring thud, and the two fighters attack one another in a battle to the finish.
  • Box has never been opened; Both figures and bike in mint condition. Box shows minor wear from storange; great value; below retail price.
  • ****************** RM 35.00 ***************